We are planning  litter of keeshonds in spring 2019

Puppies will be hopefully born around 10.04.2019

Parents will be:

GALADRIELA Mag Force and DIOR’s Souvernirs Patland

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Puppy from Litter B found a forever home:

1.BIG BOY Element of Me (Poland )

Al the puppies from litter A found their forever homes:

  1. AMAZING ZUMA Element of Me (Poland)

2. AMAZING SKYE Element of Me (Poland)

3. AMAZING CHASE Element of Me (Poland)

4. AMAZING ROCKY Element of Me (Poland)

5. AMAZING MARSHALL Element of Me (Sweden)

LEXUS Tulas and GALADRIELA Mag Force

Puppies born 2.03.2018.

2 girls, 3 boys.

Szczenięta urodzone 2.03.2018

2 suczki, 3 pieski.

tel +48 791934055