LITTER A- Pregnancy confirmed. Ciąża potwierdzona. Reservations opened. Przyjmujemy rezerwacje.

We are waiting for Litter A in the beginning of March after GALADRIELA MAG Force and LEXUS Tulas. Both parents are healthy: PHPT Negative by descent and HD A. GALADRIELA is Junior Champion of Poland, Slovakia, Czech Republic and Macedonia. She started Intechampion and Slovakian and Polish Championships. LEXUS is Polish Junior Champion and Polish …

Fili is a father! Puppies were born!

Fili is a father of 4 boys and 3 girls born 14.02.2017 14.03.2017 nasza Lili urodziła 3 dziewczynki i 4 chłopców Opublikowany przez Iwona Sobczak na 17 marca 2017