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Mittelspitz neufarben litter planned for September 2019

SAVIT Krisanda x RIA Element for Me z Lejancu

Wachtelhund litter planned for winter 2019 after hunting / working parents.

LUKA z Nowego Folwarku X ATAMAN z Biley Vody

Reservations welcomed !

We breed with love Keeshond.

We are going to breed Mittel Spitz ( black/brown, white and orange/sable). 

We have 4 stud dogs:

  1. FILI Mag Force -Keeshond .
  2. SAVIT Krisanda aka SAM- mittelspitz neufarben.
  3. ELDORADO Perłowy Ogród aka BILBO – mittelspitz white.
  4. Fredsborg’s Yoda Element of Me – mittelspitz black

We have also 2 hunting dogs breeds – Płochacz niemiecki – Wachtelhund ( German spaniel) and Ogar Polski ( Polish hound)